Personal Mentoring

Mentoring is customized to address the specific needs and wants of the individual. For example, an experienced trader might be looking for help with money management and trading psychology and not technical or fundamental analysis. A new trader might want some of “everything” etc.

That is why it’s best to get to know you a little. Get a feel for what you seek. I have almost 40 years of hands-on currency trading to draw on so I am quite confident I can help you.

Send me an email or arrange for a personal Skype call and tell me as best you can what it is you are looking for. I’ll suggest a specific course of action (topics. time line, goals etc) which you and I can discuss and agree upon. I will then suggest an affordable price for the agreed upon course. You can pay in small, equal installments “as we go” and you can cancel at any time.

I am always striving to do the best job possible so any feedback would be appreciated.
Wishing you success in life and in trading

Jimmy Young

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