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Jeff Barry - Hill Samuel Bank

Jim Young is by far the most professional FX Trader I have ever worked with. His knowledge and dedication to his trading method made him a constant money maker and a superb example to younger traders. He was always looking for ways to improve himself and his trading style. Jim is an excellent resource for trading and his attention to detail makes him a sure winner.

Lou Friedman - Manufacturers Hanover

Jimmy was remarkable at recognizing changes in the market early on. He kept his mind flexible and adjusted quicker than other traders.This trait is much bigger than trading; it is the successful people in life that adapt to situations and make adjustments. This is a life lesson that Jimmy helped me with in my life.

William Marr - Bank Julius Baer

I grew up in the currency trading business with Jimmy – In 2000 I hired him as a consultant to analyze my trading desk, meet with traders, and develop a plan to increase profitability and reduce losses – the results were tangible, so we hired him full time!

Dennis Petit - Banque Paribas

I knew Jimmy as a conscientious and insightful trader who knew his limits and stuck to them. Jimmy was never afraid to tackle a new situation or currency but did so in a methodical manner, seeking trading advantages wherever they were to be found. A great colleague and friend.

Guy Kershburg - Banque Indosuez

Had the absolute pleasure to hire and work along side Jimmy Young. His expertise in arbitrage was quite remarkable and led to the explosion of algorithmic trading that we see in FX today.

Steve Flanagan - Manufacturers Hanover

Long before the world talked about risk management, Jimmy was all over the subject. In many ways, Jim was a pioneer on our Spot FX desk, developing trading ideas and models.

Fred Scala - Manufacturers Hanover

I’ve known Jimmy for over 20 years and he has always been a true professional. He has a deep knowledge of trading and the FX markets have been his specialty.

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Maria Robinson

I cannot recommend Jimmy highly enough for his ability to distill and transmit his vast and in-depth knowledge of the currency markets. I have had some great teachers in my lifetime ( including Harvard Business School and Wellesley College) and Jimmy has to be at the top of the list. His systems (which he constantly updates and improves)produce consistent results. What’s more, his grasp of the fundamentals that move the currency ( and equity) markets, and his willingness to share this knowledge on an ongoing basis, helps me manage all my clients’ investments with a global perspective, as well as take advantage of unforeseen world events that no trading system can incorporate or anticipate, and which can provide exceptional profit-making opportunities. He continues to be a great resource.

Steve Furman

I studied currency trading with Jimmy in 2004. Jimmy’s methodical, no-nonsense approach to trading and his deep insights into the workings of the market provided an invaluable starting point and an inspiration for my path as a trader. It was a great opportunity to have Jimmy as a mentor and it is a lifetime privilege to have him as a friend.

Agnieszka Rucinska

I have been student on Jimmy’s seminars and programs. I would strongly recommend Jimmy as outstanding teacher and long term mentor. Jimmy provides high quality trainings, very informative, interactive and extremely practical. I will be always grateful for what I have been taught. Thank you very much!!!

Brian Sather, FXTE

Jimmy Young is without any doubt the hardest working, most knowledgeable, and highly committed trader I have ever had the honor to work with- and I have worked with many over the years. Because of his integrity and commitment I never ever had to worry about whether the students would be taken care of… it was always a given.

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Mike C

I first met Jimmy at one of his London seminars in late 2010 and was very impressed so I joined his program back in Jan 2011 and went to Guernsey to do the training.
As well as being great fun, it was extremely good training. Jimmy covers all topics including technicals, fundamentals, trading mind set, news trading and basic common sense. He has been a forex trader for many many years and has a great enthusiasm for teaching and mentoring. There is no hard sell and he is very honest and says it like it is. He has a great ability to adapt to the changing market and to identify the import factors influencing the market. I can highly recommend Jimmy as a forex teacher and mentor and also a really fun guy.

Mike C

I joined Jimmy’s training program in 2012 and have been trading successfully since.
I liked his approach to trading and his style as it made sense and worked.
I learnt not just to follow instruction but also to think like a trader putting emphasis on psychology and being sensible. As part of Jimmy’s program he provides his students with a live trading room, daily webinar and a Tradefinder spreadsheet. This support and the ability to communicate with him easily added to my knowledge and confidence and to making meaningful profits.

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