Can the Great Yellowstone Wildfire Explain the Coming Crash of the US Economy?

The great Yellowstone wildfire was so devastating because for many years a tremendous effort was made to eliminate all potential wildfires in Yellowstone. This effort resulted in very few fires and as a result very few “bald spots” (burned out spots).

So when the great wildfire did occur there were no bald spots to slow down / stop it. As a result, the largest wildfire by far in Yellowstone history happened. What seemed like a good idea at the time turned out to be the exact reason the great wildfire occurred.

If the US economy crashes, it could be explained in much the same way as the great Yellowstone National Park fire.

For many years now the US economy has been ushered through the rough spots with creative “band aids”.  As a result things are already “stretched”. There are very few options left in the event of a serious downturn.

Don’t like being a doomsayer but can’t help it. I’ve been a student of the US economy for over 40 years and things have gotten way out of hand. Sooner or later the piper must be paid.

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