How this strategy is different

  • GBPUSD only
  • Whether to buy or sell, when to enter, and when to exit are discretionary; creativity and flexibility are encouraged
  • Rule #1: maximum stop loss of 30 pips
  • Rule #2: maximum one trade per 24 hours


  • Use the 1 hour and daily chart only
  • Focus on prevailing direction and highs and lows
  • Minimize the use of technical indicators
  • Minimize the use of economic fundamentals
  • Avoid slippage from scheduled US and UK news events

Learn 5 days a week

  • Subscribe to my GBPUSD podcast* (2-5 minutes)
  • Posted daily in the evening for the following day
  • Reviews GBPUSD trade scenarios for the prior 24 hours
  • Previews GBPUSD trade scenarios for the next 24 hours

*Since 2005

My background

GBPUSD trader for almost 40 years; 20 years Institutional and 20 years Independent.


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