You will learn the exact trading system that I use personally. My training teaches you how to use the fundamental, technical, and sentiment together such that quality, actionable trade ideas naturally come to the surface.

Short clips from recent LIVE training sessions

Cool tools Feb 2, 2016

Money management Jan 26, 2016

Jimmy’s bands Jan 19, 2016

Tradable fundamentals Jan 12, 2016

European breakout Jan 10, 2016

Trading the news Jan 07, 2016

Jimmy, I wish more people could see there trading with that special incite that I learned in your sessions. In large part you are responsible for the trader I have become. I am able to maintain a reasonable point average based on several month average.

RoyNov 2015

I especially liked today's webinar and you dissected how to read Forex Climate. Gave plenty of thought for beginners and more experienced traders.

KolanOct 2015

I am appreciating your course more than ever before. Many thanks

AkikioDec 2015

Just wanted to let you know this was a great session - incredibly informative, detailed and packed with good stuff. Keep'em coming

BillJan 2016

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