Step 1 – Training Videos

Step 1 is getting a feel for Jimmy’s proprietary trading method, strategies, tactics, and tools. This is done via 10 75-minute videos.

If you’re new to trading or new to Forex, beginner videos are available (free) to prepare you for the training videos.

You can take as long as you need to complete your video training. When you’re ready you move on to step 2.

Step 2 – Subscriptions

Step 2 is activating your 2 month subscriptions to Tradefinder and Forex Weekly.

TRADEFINDER is a daily webcast delivered to your inbox each morning with trade ideas for the upcoming trading day.

FOREX WEEKLY is a weekly PDF document emailed to you on Sundays with trade ideas for the upcoming trading week.

The purpose of these two subscriptions is for you to see in action in real time what you learned in the training videos.

Step 3 – LIVE Trading

When you’re ready and your schedule allows, start attending your ten LIVE trading sessions.

Look over Jimmy’s shoulder as he masterly trades the Forex market using the exact method, strategy, tactics, and tools you learned.

You can ask questions and get Jimmy’s answers in real time as the trades are unfolding.

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$ 195

limited time only

it's great to understand the behind-the-scene workings of this whole situation, glad to be your student

GregoryMarch 2016

Impressed by everything I have watched so far. In fact, I wish I had come across you a long time ago.

ChenduApr 2016

I am appreciating your course more than ever before. Many thanks

AkikoDec 2015

Jimmy, I wish more people could see there trading with that special incite that I learned in your sessions

RoyNov 2015

I don't know if I'll ever get close to your level of knowledge and understanding, but I am, at least, gaining some confidence and ideas

MichaelMar 2016

Learning a lot. thank you so much...

DianeMar 2016

You are by far the best FX tutor I have come across who tells it warts and all

RichardMar 2016

Thank you sticking with all your students to allow them to reach a level of self confidence

GlennFeb 2016

I’ve been very impressed by the depth of education Jimmy offers, and the professionalism and care he’s put into the presentation material

Ron WilsonLondon

I wanted to say that what I got exceeded my expectations. It's up to par with some of the classes I took at college


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to participate in your training program.Through it I learned a great deal about the reality and actual practice of being a professional trader