These eight trading systems are included in the $100 program. How to use them with maximum effectiveness is part of the $100 program (not all systems suit everyone and it’s not necessary to learn systems you won’t be using; our one-on-one focus will be on the systems that suit the trading plan we agreed upon as your best way forward).

Easy to learn and use. Exact entry, stop loss, and take profit. Can be used for swing trading but I prefer to use it for day trading the GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs. 10 minute video.

This is perhaps my most popular proprietary trading system. It can be preset so you don’t have to be watching the market and the stop loss is tight. 3 minute video.

Trade entry signals are from the 5 minute chart so this is truly a day trading system. Can be used on all pairs My preference is the GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs. 7 minute video.

I got this system from David K. , a UK resident, during a 3 day Guernsey LIVE trading seminar. Great at catching the turns early. 5 minute video.

The Daily Candlestick System is a retracement / reversal swing trading system; exact trade entry signal, stop loss, and take profit. 5 minute video.

This trading system can be used in all time frames; great for day trading and great for swing trading. 9 minute video.

Only used on the one minute chart so it is strictly a day trading system. 5 minutes video.

Used to get in on big spikes created by news events. 6 minute video.

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