This $100 Program Includes

A)  Self training

25 videos – 5 minutes each

B) One-on-one Skype call

Discuss your trading priorities

Write your trading plan

C) Daily webcast

Trade idea assistance

D) Trader chatroom

Small group of dedicated traders

Share trade ideas

The videos are my personal trading systems, strategies and tactics

The daily webcast is recorded at 5:45pm Eastern Standard Time and posted in the chatroom at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time (11pm London Time) Sunday through Thursday

The chatroom is open 24/7. It is consistently active from about 8am London Time (3am Eastern Standard Time) to about 4pm London Time (11am Eastern Standard Time). Most days I am in the chatroom from 6am to 11am Eastern Standard Time.

Program Cost

The cost of this trader help program is $100. You will have access to the chatroom (and webcast) for 2 months. You choose when your two months subscription begins. I recommend first watching the videos. Then start your subscription. And when you’re ready schedule your one-on-one Skype call.

Pay Now or Pay Later

You can choose to start the program and pay later; when you are satisfied that it’s worth the money. If you decide the program was not worth the money then you are under no obligation to pay.

Please be aware this is not a free program. Do not start the program unless you have honest intentions of seeing it through and making the payment. My time is valuable – please don’t waste it.

My Experience Helping Traders

Between 2005 and 2014 I traveled the globe helping traders realize their potential – the cost of a program averaged about $7,500.00.

I’m now 64 years old and retired. I still enjoy interacting with traders and giving the gift of wisdom, earned from 37 years of hands-on trading (mostly Forex). That is why I have this $100 program.

I offer the pay later option so that no one will pass up this extraordinary opportunity in fear of getting “scammed”.

If I can make it any easier for you to get my help please let me know.

All the best,

Jimmy Young

Trader Help ProgramLimited time only

$ 100

2 month program

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