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I started out as an Institutional Forex broker in the late 1970s. In 1982 I landed my first trading related job at European American bank assisting the GBPUSD trader. He quit and I was promoted to senior GBPUSD trader after just six months.

For the next 20 years I traded the GBPUSD at a number of large global financial institutions. It was an exciting and rewarding career. I’m very fortunate to have had that experience.

Bank Trader Recommendations

Jeff Barry Brown Brothers

"Jim Young is by far the most professional FX Trader I have ever worked with. His knowledge and dedication to his trading method made him a constant money maker and a superb example to younger traders. He was always looking for ways to improve himself and his trading style. Jim is an excellent resource for trading and his attention to detail makes him a sure winner"

Bill Marr Julius baer

"I grew up in the currency trading business with Jimmy - In 2000 I hired him as a consultant to analyze my trading desk, meet with traders, and develop a plan to increase profitability and reduce losses - the results were tangible, so we hired him full time! "

Steve FlanagaN JP Morgan

"Long before the world talked about risk management, Jimmy was all over the subject. In many ways, Jim was a pioneer on our Spot FX desk, developing trading ideas and models."

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In 2005 I made the decision to trade for myself. The institutions were very good to me but I wanted to spend more time at home with my family. Not long afterwards I was offered the opportunity to be the content provider for a large California education company that was in the process of setting up a retail Forex trader training division. I have been in the Forex trader training business ever since. I’m still trading but my true passion these days is passing on what I have learned and experienced about Forex trading. Looking back I have been a part of it pretty much since it began in the 1970s.

Client Reviews

In my humble opinion trust is king and I totally recommend Jimmy Young

David Kellner United Kingdom

Thank you Jimmy for allowing me to be a better trader.

Pascal Longlarde Paris, France

if you want to make a living at Forex you have come to the right place

Edward McGinty Ireland

I cannot give him higher praise and recommendation

Howard Sandrove United Kingdom

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Thanks to all past and present Forex training program participants for your confidence and support these past 13 years

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