What's On the 25 Short Videos

These 3 to 9 minute videos are a “how to” library of my trading systems, strategies, tactics, and tools. $100 program participants can download them for immediate or future viewing.

Easy to learn and use. Exact entry, stop loss, and take profit. Can be used for swing trading but I prefer to use it for day trading the GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs. Video 1 is 10 minutes.

This is perhaps my most popular proprietary trading system. It can be preset so you don’t have to be watching the market and the stop loss is tight. Video 2 is 3 minutes.

Trade entry signals are from the 5 minute chart so this is truly a day trading system. Can be used on all pairs My preference is the GBPUSD and EURUSD pairs. Video 3 is 7 minutes.

I got this system from David K. , a UK resident, during a 3 day Guernsey LIVE trading seminar. Great at catching the turns early. Video 4 is 5 minutes.

The Daily Candlestick System is a retracement / reversal swing trading system; exact trade entry signal, stop loss, and take profit. Video 5 is 5 minutes.

This trading system can be used in all time frames; great for day trading and great for swing trading. Video 6 is 9 minutes.

Only used on the one minute chart so it is strictly a day trading system. Video 7 is 5 minutess.

Used to get in on big spikes created by news events. Video 8 is 6 minutes.


Then Risk Management

Topics: choosing the right broker, rethinking risk reward, calibrating bet size, and writing your trading plan. Video 9 is 6 minutes.

And Trading Psychology

Topics: seeing the whole picture, thinking in “shades of grey” and staying current and flexible. Video 10 is 4 minutes.

I launched this individual currency analyzer back in 2005 with the help of my goods friends Anton and Mona. It does a lot of things well including¬† “signals”.¬† Video 11 is 7 minutes.

One of my favorite tools. A “real body” candle “bigger” than any others recently indicates something has changed. My job is to find the hidden opportunity. Video 12 is 3 minutes.

The one candle reversal is a very handy tool for “pulling the trigger” on trade entries, stops, and profits. Works on all time frames. Video 13 is 6 minutes.

Using the daily chart for trade ideas and setups. Video 14 is 5 minutes.

A new way to identify support and resistance. Video 15 is 2 minutes.

A unique and simple way to trade a view without having to stare at the screen, Video 16 is 3 minutes.

How to get the most out of the one hour chart. Video 17 is 3 minutes.

Jimmy’s Band / Gartley combination. Video 18 is 7 minutes.

Breakout strategies and tactcis. Video 19 is 4 minutes.

When to use risk on risk off strategy. Video 20 is 2 minutes

Unique and effective way to set a profit target. 4 minute. Video 21 is 4 minutes.

New ways to find support and buy opportunities. Video 22 is 2 minutes.

Strong signals from the 3 candle reversal. Video 23 is 4 minutes.

Refresher: average daily range (ADR). Video 24 is 2 minutes.

Finding resistance and sell opportunities. Video 25 is 2 minutes.

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