Cashed in a $9.50 Binary for $92.50. Nice start to the week

By August 14, 2017Uncategorized
  1. Saw the pattern of a bullish USDJPY trading gradually higher in successive trading ranges
  2. Bought the 109.64 09:00 binary option for $9.50 at 08:00 just before the dip below the trading range
  3. Was thinking after it dipped I should have waited for the MACD trap and bought it cheaper or bought a slightly lower strike for the same price
  4. Turned out the MACD trap was set much earlier (see arrow) so that thinking was not right
  5. Got the pop I was looking (USDJPY moving to a new higher trading range) and closed the trade at $92.50
  6. Could easily have waited for $100 (another 10 minutes) but my emotions overtook me (still working on that)

Here is how the chart played out:














If you would like a word doc with the details of the trade step by step send me an email at