How we traded and profited from the bearish UK retail sales news spike

By February 17, 2017Uncategorized
  1. Did the research and determined about a 50 pip move was possible if the actual number was about 1.0 different than the consensus forecast (actual -0.3; consensus forecast 0.9 = -1.2 difference; therefore GBPUSD has a good chance of dropping 50 pips or there about. Here is our research data:







2. We use market orders with a preset maximum slippage so we either get a fill close to the price we seek or nothing is done and our orders are cancelled. Today was a good one; we were able to sell the GBPUSD pair just a few pips below the price just before the bearish news was released.










This is from our LIVE trading room chat:








































Sometimes we cant get a decent fill and miss the trade. Today we were lucky!