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March 2016

Awesome Recording of Friday Mar 4, 2016 LIVE TRADING starting 10 seconds before the US Non-Farm Payroll Release

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Following the release of the US non-farm payroll, this 40 minute session will tell you why and when buying the AUDUSD, NZDUSD, and GBPUSD made the most sense. In each of the three pairs the entry points were just a small number of pips from the day’s lows and before the moves back up (based upon simple logic not complicated and long-winded technical and fundamental analysis). If you ever wondered how to properly trade the US non-farm payroll, this LIVE trading session recording will truly enlighten you. Trading the US NFP will never be the same once you see how a 20-year Institutional currency trading expert approaches it.

Watch video (you will be glad you did)