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20-year institutional currency trader
Institutional currency trading desk profitability consultant
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Created intro, intermediate, advanced, and coaching programs for Forex education companies and brokers.
Lead speaker at Forex seminars in London, Guernsey, Singapore, Prague, Vancouver, Toronto, Hawaii, and major US cities.
Forex mentor and coach for 10 years
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Expert For Hire

Special individual or group Forex profitability analysis
Exclusive intro, intermediate, advanced, and coaching programs (work for hire)
Seminar and money show speaker (anything Forex)
Webinars and videos (anything Forex)
Price upon request

Individual Training Program
Your work situation and lifestyle preferences determine what training is best for you. In most cases I can have you up and running with just two 75-minute live one-on-one sessions (me and you). These sessions are done live on-line and recorded so that you can review and reference the material as needed. Your on-going development is enhanced and supported by a very short (3-5 minute) daily trade idea webcast, which is emailed to you each evening for the upcoming trading day. You also get a weekly PDF every Sunday with trade ideas for coming week. Lastly, ongoing email support (directly with me) is provided. The program lasts for one year and the cost is $2,495.

Mentoring Program
If you have the resources and desire a more in depth training experience than my mentoring program is the way to go. You get everything in the individual training program plus an additional 75-minute one-on-one live session with me each month for a full year to discuss your trades and your overall trading performance. You also get six one-on-one 75-minute live trading sessions with me where I explain in real time what’s going on in the market and any trades ideas I have at that time. Lastly, you get the daily trade idea webcasts and weekly trade idea PDF for five years, instead of just one year. The mentoring program cost is $7,495.

European Morning Short Term Technical Trading System
If you’re comfortable “staring at the screens” and trading off a 5 minute chart this easy to learn and master technical trading approach is an excellent choice. It consists of four unique (proprietary) short term trading systems; each with exact setup, entry and exit criteria; positively no guesswork. It focuses specifically on the European morning, giving signals from 7am to 1pm London Time. You get 4 75-minute videos and as a bonus you get a free one month subscription to my weekly PDF and daily webcast with specific trade ideas. The price is $495.

Swing Trading Systems
If you prefer not to watch the market in real time, my seven proprietary trading systems that do not require screen watching is your best alternative. You get 4 75-minute videos and as a bonus you get a free one month subscription to my weekly PDF and daily webcast with specific trade ideas. The price is $495.

News Trading Systems
In 1 75-minute video you will learn three ways to trade the news. Two ways are low risk and one way is high risk. As a bonus you get a free one month subscription to my weekly PDF and daily webcast with specific trade ideas. The price is $195.

This is a 2 page PDF, emailed on Sundays, with specific trade ideas for the following week. PRICE: 1 month $50; 6 months $250; 1 year $450

This 3-5 minute webcast is emailed each evening with specific trade ideas for the following day. It has been published continuously since 2005 and thousands of traders have been subscribers, including institutional traders. PRICE: 1 month $50; 6 months $250; 1 year $450

If you have any questions or if you wish to purchase a product please send me an email or give me a call.

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Skype: eurusdtrader
Phone: 845 226 5403

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"Your analysis/forecast of the US employment report you sent out on Friday was really first class (as it gave me my best trading day ever). Many thanks again!"

− Geoff, 10/4/2015

"How great is your TradeFinder! I often feel I should be thanking you but it would sound lame every day. Just very much appreciated and the best of its type I've seen."

− Tony, 10/2/15

"Excellent analysis Jim. You really do work hard. Thank you!"

− Yogi, 10/2/2015

"Thanks a lot. I can't trade properly without reading this first. By the way I got 80 pips on Friday thanks for the analysis."

− John, 10/5/2015

"Just wanted to let you know this was a great video - incredibly informative, detailed and packed with good stuff. Keep'em coming"

− Bill, 9/12/2015

"Very good, clear and well presented Forex Weekly Jim. Thanks for the effort you put into this."

− Gordon, 9/12/2015

"I've just listened to TF / FW - and feel moved to send a mail saying "thanks". In these turbulent times, it is indeed hard to get a steer on what is really going on. There are an awful lot of "five minute experts" who hardly look mature enough to grow a beard, never mind explain a market. That is why it is comforting to hear from a age like you. So - "thanks" indeed!. It is good to know what to expect in a week like this!"

− Richard, 9/13/2105

"Your service has been inspirational and profitable over the past three years I have been with you "

− Jo, 4/15/2015

"I am appreciating your course more than ever before. Many thanks."

− Akiko, 9/9/2015

"I would like to thank you for being a brilliant mentor and teacher."

− Charlotte, 10/11/2015

"I just wanted to say thanks for another good week of Tradefinder; it's always useful to have the figures and your opinions to consider."

− Lee, 9/4/2015

"I especially liked today's webinar and you dissected how to read Forex Climate. Gave plenty of thought for beginners and more experienced traders."

− Kolan, 8/23/2015

"I really appreciate it when you provide your Tradefinder and Forex Weekly on a Saturday, so that I can do my review at any time on the weekend. "

− Jonathan, 5/3/2015

"You are the best and most caring FX guru around"

− Peng, 4/25/2015

"Just want to thank you again for the forex weekly. I started trading the EN GN and EA crosses. Has worked well over the last 3 weeks. On the EN I got 600 in 2 days"

− Demetris 10/16/2015

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