Want to be a good trader?

Start with a trustworthy professional mentor with years of experience trading the Forex market at global Institutions.

Can money be made trading Forex?

Yes. But not the marketing inspired fairy tale money you read about on the internet.

JImmy Young

Can I trade Forex while working full time?

Yes. There are niche strategies that require very little time in front of the computer.

How can I find out more about Jimmy Young?

LinkedIn: Recommendations from 10 Institutional Forex traders. Forexpeacearmy trainer reviews (4.97 of 5.00 stars)

Forex mentoring is something I have been doing since the early 1980s believe it or not. As Vice President and Senior GBPUSD trader at major financial Institutions it was actually part of my job description; along with making budget and looking after the clients’ GBPUSD business.

Many of my Institutional “trainees” have gone on to become world class traders. My trading philosophy was simple: 1)Keep the losses small and have a daily stop loss limit. 2) Always be flexible -things can change without reason or warning. 3) Have a daily profit target and when you reach it, “protect it” as best you can.

After retiring I was approached by a large financial education company about spearheading a “retail” Forex education and training program. I have been working with retail traders for 13 years now. Some have been trading successfully for years.

What about you? Do you have what it takes to be a successful trader? The rewards are worth your time to find out.

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Jimmy Young

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