If you’re serious about Forex trading and want to learn the ins and outs directly from a proven professional institutional Forex trader

Jeff barry Brown brothers Harriman

"Jimmy's knowledge and dedication to his trading method made him a constant money maker"

Steve FlanagaN JP Morgan

"Long before the world talked about risk management, Jimmy was all over the subject"

Bill Marr Julius baer

"I hired Jimmy to analyze my trading desk, meet with traders, and develop a plan to increase profitability"

Client Feedback

In my humble opinion trust is king and I totally recommend Jimmy Young

David Kellner United Kingdom

Thank you Jimmy for allowing me to be a better trader.

Pascal Longlarde Paris, France

if you want to make a living at Forex you have come to the right place

Edward McGinty Ireland

I cannot give him higher praise and recommendation

Howard Sandrove United Kingdom

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