What does the $100 mentoring program include?

  1. One-on-one Skype calls
  2. One month access to the daily trade idea webcast
  3. One month access to the LIVE trading room
  4. One month access to the weekly trade idea PDF
  5. Unlimited support (email, Skype, trading room)

How does the $100 mentoring program work?

  1. One-on-one Skype calls

All of the training is done one-on-one via Skype using screen share. Experienced traders should expect to spend one to two hours on Skype with me; we will get right into how I trade the Forex market with my real account. There will be general knowledge, systems, strategies, and tactics. If you’re a newbie expect to spend three to four hours on Skype with me; we will need to first get you up to speed on trading in general and forex in particular before going into the experienced trader stuff described above.

2. One month access to the daily trade idea webcast

I record the daily trade idea webcast and immediately post it in the LIVE trading room for you to listen to and/or download. For Monday, I post it on Saturday (no special time). For Tuesday through Friday I post it at 23:00GMT (6pm Eastern Standard Time). It is usually five minutes or less; longer for Monday (I assume you have the weekend and therefore some extra time). The webcast presents trade ideas for the “new day” which technically started an hour earlier at 22:00GMT; and runs for 24 hours. There is also a brief review/critique of the day that just ended trade ideas presented the day before. I have been doing the daily webcast since 2005. NOT TRADING ADVICE; EDUCATION AND TRAINING

3. One month access to the LIVE trading room

To be clear: the live trading room is NOT A TRADE CALL SERVICE. It’s where my subscribers can exchange trade ideas and “hang out” with other traders. These days I am in the LIVE trading room between 11:00GMT and 16:00GMT (6am and 11am Eastern Standard Time). I share ideas from time to time but if your reason to join this program is to get my “hot tips”, I suggest you don’t join as you will be disappointed. In the live trading room I do share trade ideas but not all the time or not even every day. The live trading room started in March 2016. NOT TRADING ADVICE; EDUCATION AND TRAINING

4. One month access to the weekly trade idea PDF

The weekly trade idea PDF is a short 2 page PDF with a brief review of how the major pairs performed the prior week, how the prior week’s trade idea performed, what the upcoming weeks key scheduled news events are, and the trade idea for the upcoming week. NOT TRADING ADVICE: EDUCATION AND TRAINING

5. Unlimited support (email, Skype, trading room)

I’m here to help any way I can. There is no limit to the amount of one-on-one time I am willing to devote to any subscriber who asks.

Why does a 20-year proven professional Institutional currency trader with a Forex trainer rating of 4.96 of 5.00 stars on the ForexPeaceArmy review site offer a $100month long one-on-one mentoring program?

I wasn’t always so generous. From 2005 to 2014 my program (very similar to this $100 one) cost anywhere between $7,000 and $17,000.

This “give back” is my way of saying thanks for a wonderful life made possible by a brilliant 35 year Forex trading career.

How do I sign up?

My time is limited so I will be choosing participants based upon first come first serve and need. If you would like to be considered for this program please send me a brief email.

What about after the month long program ends?

This one month plus hands-on training program is designed so that you can go off and trade on your own afterwards. If you wish to continue on after the initial month you can for a small additional charge.

Jim Young is by far the most professional FX Trader I have ever worked with. His knowledge and dedication to his trading method made him a constant money maker and a superb example to younger traders.

Jeff Barry, President/Treasurer, Hill Samuel Bankmanaged Jimmy at Hill Samuel Banking Corporation

Long before the world talked about risk management, Jimmy was all over the subject. In many ways, Jim was a pioneer on our Spot FX desk, developing trading ideas and models

Stephen Flanagan, Executive Director, JP Morganworked directly with Jimmy at Manufacturers Hanover

Jimmy was remarkable at recognizing changes in the market early on. He kept his mind flexible and adjusted quicker than other traders.

Louis Friedman, Foreign exchange trader, Vice President, JP Morganworked directly with Jimmy at Manufacturers Hanover

I knew Jimmy as a conscientious and insightful trader who knew his limits and stuck to them.

Dennis Pettit, Vice President, Banque Paribasworked directly with Jimmy at Banque Paribas

Had the absolute pleasure to hire and work alongside Jimmy Young. His expertise in arbitrage was quite remarkable and led to the explosion of algorithmic trading that we see in FX today.

Guy Kershberg, First Vice President FX Manager, Banque Indosuezmanaged Jimmy at Bank Indosuez

I hired Jimmy as a consultant to analyze my trading desk, meet with traders, and develop a plan to increase profitability and reduce losses – the results were tangible, so we hired him full time!

William Marr, Managing Director, Julius Baer Investment Managementmanaged Jimmy at Bank Julius Baer