Institutional currency trader (1982-2005)
Independent trader and mentor (2005-2017)

A) You can make money. Possibly boatloads.
B) 95% or more lose

Those with a credible strategy

A) One that identifies low risk, quality trade opportunities
B) that you are confident and comfortable carrying out.

The key is finding something good that you have the courage to actually do.

Here are the links to eight one hour recordings that will give you a solid foundation to build your Forex trading strategy on:

Session 1    Forex Trading is Not Stock Trading

Session 2    The Single Most Important Forex Indicator

Session 3   Forex Technical Trading Workshop

Session 4 Practical Money and Trade Management Skills

Session 5 Forex Fundamentals and Trading the News

Session 6 Real Technical and Fundamental Trades

Session 7 Individual Currency Analysis

Session 8 Putting it all Together

Here are the outlines and links to thirteen one hour recordings that will help you to find your best Forex trading strategy:


Fundamentals and Trading the News

  • Overview of fundamentals and economic news
  • How they can improve your trading
  • The real deal with trading economic news releases
  • How stock indexes and commodity prices are used in Forex trading
  • Using excel spread sheet to track price action following economic releases
  • How to stay abreast of the “big picture”
  • Ideas for your trading plan

Part 2 Fundamentals and Trading the News

  • How all the fundamentals flow together; a closer look at each part
  • What is a Central bank and how does monetary policy work?
  • The impact of interest rates and quantitative easing on currencies
  • News events that move the currencies the most
  • Inflation and why it is important in currency trading
  • Pros and cons of trading the news
  • Example of news trading: US non-farm payroll
  • Example of currency / commodity correlation

Trading the Employment Reports

  • Top ten market moving economic news releases
  • Breakdown of market moving economic news by category and by currency
  • Detailed analysis and trade strategies before, during and after employment reports

Trading the Interest Rate Announcements

  • Overview of what a Central bank monetary policy statement entails
  • Detailed analysis and trade strategies before, during and after:
    • Interest rate announcements
    • Monetary policy statements
    • Economic projections
    • Inflation reports
    • Press conferences

Inflation and Trading the Consumer Price Index (CPI)

  • Inflation – prices increasing
  • Consumer price index (CPI) – measures the increases
  • How inflation and CPI impact currencies
  • Detailed analysis and trade strategies before, during and after CPI releases

Retail Sales and GDP

  • Tracking and trading retail sales before, during and after the release
    • US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Tracking and trading GDP before, during and after the release
    • US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand


European Breakout and European Breakin

  • Breaking the trading day down into currency specific sessions
  • European breakout: A complete trading system for the European morning (setup, entry, exit)
  • Explanation of the “room to go” volatility measure and how it is used
  • European breakin: Another trading system for the European morning (setup, entry); exit discretionary

Jimmy’s Band and JB 78.6

  • Jimmy’s Band: A complete 24 hours a day short term trading system for the (setup, entry, exit)
  • What to watch out for that the system does not know
  • Jimmy’s Band 78.6 Retracement: A trading system that takes advantage of using a tight stop
  • Jimmy’s band 78.6% buy trade examples and sell trade examples

Cool Tools

  • Forex Climate software – individual currency analysis and projections
  • Start of Day – used to “set and forget” your trade with an effective stop loss
  • Exhaustion Candle – identifies a directional price move that is likely to retrace or reverse
  • Gartley Pattern – especially useful for trades who cannot watch the market
  • Jimmy’s band on the daily chart – longer term trading system; little effort or maintenance

RISK MANAGEMENT Money Management

  • How to go about open a trading account and tips to keep your money safe
  • Setting up your charts and news feed
  • How much money to put in your account
  • Money risk per trade, per day
  • Dealing with consecutive losing trades
  • Risk reward without the marketing hype
  • Flexibility and finding your comfort zone
  • Using the multiple lot approach to lock in profits and lower risk


Forex Options for Beginners

  • Benefits
  • How options work
  • Terminology
  • Frequently asked questions

Forex Binary Options

  • How Binary options work
  • Trade strategies
  • Real trade examples

Forex Spread Options May 23. 2016

  • How spread options work
  • Trade strategies
  • Examples

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Once your foundation is in place (beginner videos) and you have a feel for strategy, tactics, and money management (experienced videos); you’re ready to figure out your realistic trading strategy (what suits you best; what you will actually have the courage to do with your precious real money).


MENTORING is a premium, paid service for those who wish to engage with me one-on-one.

Some of the reasons you might want to consider this service are:

  1. To discuss your trading strategy
  2. To trade together
  3. To ask questions
  4. To critique your trades and results

The cost is $100 per hour

A. One hour minimum
B. Can be divided into two half hour segments.

Mentoring is done over Skype using screen share.

In person mentoring is available; details upon request.

Please use contact form (click here) for inquiries and bookings.


Besides mentoring, as a premium (paid) service I offer a bundled set of three real time helpers:

1. Short 3-5 minute webcast at the start each day

  • 0-1 minute recap of important events (if any) last 24 hours
  • 1-2 minute critique of the prior 24 hours trade view / ideas
  • 1-2 minute trade view / trade ideas for the next 24 hours
  1. LIVE trading room
  • Be informed in real time of possible (probable) upcoming market moving events such as important scheduled news events and critical “chart points”
  • LIVE trade calls to help you flex your risk taking muscles and absorb the ins and outs of having a real trade on
  • Pick up clues of how good traders think and how they act
  • Ask questions to gain additional insight and clarification of specific LIVE trades – yours, mine, and other traders in the room.

In the LIVE trading room you’ll get the support you need to learn and become a better trader. The end game is better ideas, better timing, and better results.

3. Weekly Swing Trading PDF

  • Especially effective when used along with the daily webcast.
  • Designed for traders interested in putting on a trade for days to weeks

1 monthGOOD DEAL

$ 50

2.27 a day


$ 125

1.87 a day


$ 295

1.13 a day