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Jimmy Young, Professional Trader and Mentor

Learn To Trade or Improve Your Trading Strategy with Help From A Career Professional Institutional Trader

Jimmy Young has been trading foreign exchange for over 30 years, including 20 years at some of Wall Street’s most well known institutions.

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Scroll down to learn more about the services Jimmy offers. All services offered focus on the unique, individual needs of each trader; there is no one-size-fits-all DVD package found here.

Individualized Premium Services


  • Learn the Ins and Outs of Currency Trading
  • Individual Attention
  • Any Level of Experience


  • Opening a Forex trading account
  • Reasons behind currency moves
  • How to properly trade a currency pair
  • Chart reading and technical analysis
  • News and fundamental analysis
  • Trading strategies and tactics
  • Creating an effective trading plan


  • Learn Jimmy’s proprietary trading method
  • Individual Attention
  • Foundation required


  • Three intraday trading systems
  • Three swing trading systems
  • Three news trading systems
  • Formulating a quality directional trade view
  • Setting and achieving your trading goals
  • Daily intraday trade ideas and analysis
  • Weekly swing trade ideas and analysis
  • Live on-line trading sessions

Expert Consulting

Let me use my skills and experience to help with your individual or trading business issue.


  • 10+ Years Teaching Forex
  • 30+ Years Trading Forex
  • Professional Public Speaker
  • Complete Attention To Every Job
  • Individualized Results

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"Your analysis/forecast of the US employment report you sent out on Friday was really first class (as it gave me my best trading day ever). Many thanks again!"

− Geoff, 10/4/2015

"How great is your TradeFinder! I often feel I should be thanking you but it would sound lame every day. Just very much appreciated and the best of its type I've seen."

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"Thanks a lot. I can't trade properly without reading this first. By the way I got 80 pips on Friday thanks for the analysis."

− John, 10/5/2015

"Just wanted to let you know this was a great video - incredibly informative, detailed and packed with good stuff. Keep'em coming"

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"Very good, clear and well presented Forex Weekly Jim. Thanks for the effort you put into this."

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"I've just listened to TF / FW - and feel moved to send a mail saying "thanks". In these turbulent times, it is indeed hard to get a steer on what is really going on. There are an awful lot of "five minute experts" who hardly look mature enough to grow a beard, never mind explain a market. That is why it is comforting to hear from a age like you. So - "thanks" indeed!. It is good to know what to expect in a week like this!"

− Richard, 9/13/2105

"That really is unbelievably good of you to send us a TF and Weekly literally as your leaving for your holidays. Have a great holiday!"

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"Your service has been inspirational and profitable over the past three years I have been with you "

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"I am appreciating your course more than ever before. Many thanks."

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"I would like to thank you for being a brilliant mentor and teacher."

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"I just wanted to say thanks for another good week of Tradefinder; it's always useful to have the figures and your opinions to consider."

− Lee, 9/4/2015

"I especially liked today's webinar and you dissected how to read Forex Climate. Gave plenty of thought for beginners and more experienced traders."

− Kolan, 8/23/2015

"I really appreciate it when you provide your Tradefinder and Forex Weekly on a Saturday, so that I can do my review at any time on the weekend. "

− Jonathan, 5/3/2015

"You are the best and most caring FX guru around"

− Peng, 4/25/2015

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